Papunet web service

The Papunet web service promotes accessible and equitable communication. Papunet website includes information on speech disability and different means of communication: plain language and AAC methods (communication with pictures, bliss symbols or manual signs).

The Finnish Papunet website offers information (Tietoa) and material (Materiaalia) for communication and pages for plain language (Selkosivut) and symbol users (Kuvasivut). Papunet also includes easy-to-use game pages (Pelisivut) with contents designed to take the special needs of the target group into account. Besides the Finnish-language pages, some of the contents are also available in Swedish and the game pages are also in English.

Papunet is also a meeting place. The Finnish Papunet blog publishes writings dealing with plain language or AAC and communication aids. The blog serves as a channel for sharing experiences and publishing texts.

Papunet also offers training and consultation on accessible web services and performs accessibility assessments of websites from the perspective of people with speech impairments and users of plain language.

Contact information

Papunet Web Service
The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Viljatie 4 A
00700 Helsinki
tel. +358 9 348 090

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Development Manager

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Graphic Designer

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IT Designer

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