Finnish Multisensory network

Finnish Multisensory Network is a loosly organised network of people who are interested in multisensory work in Finland. Network has had annual meetings since 2001. On the website there is information in Finnish about domestic multisensory contacts and about nordic cooperation and international multisensory symposiums.

Finnish Multisensory Network, Multisenso, was established in 2001. It was called Finnish Snoezelen Network until the beginning of 2008. 

There is a growing interest in multisensory work in Finland. You can even take international courses in multisensory work at HAMK university of applied sciences.

Visit the website of HAMK university of sciences.

Look for Finnish contacts (page is in Finnish)


Sirkkola, M. (2010). Multisensory Environments in social care: Participation and empowerment in sociocultural multisensory work. HAMKin e-julkaisuja 9/2010. Hämeenlinna.