You can send e-cards (electronic greeting cards) through the Papunet card application. Readymade greetings and images can be chosen for the cards. You can also add your own message to the card.

The card application can be operated both by the mouse and switches. Besides choosing a greeting and an image, you can also write your own message, names and e-mail addresses using switches with the scanning function of the on-screen keyboard.

You can select a greeting and image for the card from our selection. The application contains readymade text, symbol and bliss greetings.

First select the greeting category by clicking on it, and then select the greeting. The image is also selected by first clicking on the image category and then on the image you choose.

You can also write your message on the card. The message can be written either with the ordinary keyboard or with the on-screen keyboard.

The on-screen keyboard opens when you press the button next to the message field. You can also use the on-screen keyboard to write names and e-mail addresses.

The sent cards must include either a greeting, image or your own message, blank cards cannot be sent. Your own e-mail address is also required if you want to be notified by e-mail that your card has been sent and picked up. At the second preview stage the filled card is checked.

The purpose of the preview is to check the filled card. On this page you get to see the completed card in the same form as the recipient will see it. The completed card can be printed out and you can listen to its contents.

If you want to make corrections to the card, return to the previous page. If the card is fine, you can send it.

After sending the card you can choose if you want to send the same card again, fill a new blank card or quit the card application.

When your card has been sent, the recipient will receive a notification by e-mail with a link to the card. By clicking on the link, he/she gets to see the card. You will also receive a notification in your own e-mail when the card has been sent and picked up, if you have chosen to be notified.