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Downloadable games

On this page you can find a list of games which can be downloaded and played off-line.

All the downloadable games can be played with mouse and with switches mapped to the spacebar and enter keys.

All the downloadable games can be played either in English, Finnish and Swedish.


Download the Darts game (Windows version) (zip, 1.8 Mb).

Download the Darts game (Mac OS X version) (dmg, 6.2 Mb).

Open printable instructions.


Download the Papupult game (Windows version) (zip, 1.7 Mb).

Download the Papupult game (Mac OS X version) (dmg, 6.1 Mb).

Open printable instructions.

Fishing game

Download the Fishing Game (Windows version) (zip, 1.9 Mb).

Download the Fishing Game (Mac OS X version) (dmg, 6.3 Mb).

Open printable instructions.