Bliss Dominoes is an adaptation of the traditional domino game played with tiles. The aim is to arrange the cards so that a picture or a word and the corresponding bliss symbol follow one another. The game is played alone. 

The bliss dominoes contain bliss symbols representing things, objects and actions, and photographs, drawings or words that correspond to them. In the word cards the text can be selected to appear either in lower or UPPER CASE.

The game can be played with either 5, 10 or 15 cards.

How to play

The game is played with the mouse, or pressing the spacebar and enter or their corresponding switches (scanning). By pressing the spacebar you can scan through the choices of cards. You can choose cards by pressing enter. 

1. Start by choosing the domino cards.

2. Then choose the number of cards.

3. Find the card that matches the first picture on the row of cards. In this game you can also fill the row from right to left. The chosen card is moved to place by either dragging it with the mouse or using the scanning function. 

4. Wrong cards return automatically to the card menu.

Select new game

When the game has ended, you can select the same game again or return to the card choices.