Description of games

Papupult includes two games, distance shooting and target shooting.

1) The goal in distance shooting is to catapult the frog as far as possible.

2) The goal in target shooting is to hit a target which is 50 meters away with ammunition.

Playing the games

The games can be played with the mouse or with enter or the spacebar, or their corresponding switches.

The direction and force of the throw is shown in a sight that appears on the screen. The left mouse button or enter or the spacebar are held down until the sight is in the desired direction. The button is released when the desired force is reached. The greater the force, the longer the arrow on the sight.

The game automatically calculates the distance the frog or the ammunition has been catapulted and announces the best score.

Selecting a new game 

When the game is over you can choose to play the same game again or return to the starting window and select another game.



This game can be downloaded and played off-line.