Description of game

In the game a snail climbs up a hill. When the snail moves ahead or is hit by the rocks rolling down the hill, it uses up energy. The snail gets more energy by eating strawberries.

The aim is to help the snail to shield itself from the rocks and to eat strawberries. The game lasts as long as the snail has energy. The game is played alone.

Playing the game

The game can be played by using the mouse, or pressing the spacebar or enter or their corresponding switches.

You can make the snail retreat in its shell by clicking the mouse on the shell, or pressing the spacebar or enter button or their corresponding switches. In the same way you can also get the snail to come out of its shell.

The snail should n’ot stay hiding too long because this uses up energy! You can follow the energy grow and diminish on the energy bar. The game is over when the energy bar hits zero.