These Coloring Exercises offer different picture topics with rather small coloring areas and color buttons.

Choosing picture

The game can be played by using the mouse or pressing the spacebar and enter or their corresponding switches (scanning). You can move from one selection to another by pressing the spacebar, approve your selection with enter (scanning).

First choose the picture by clicking the mouse on it or using the scanning function.

Coloring and printing pictures

First use the mouse to choose the color and the part of the picture that you want to color. You can also color over the same part again.

When the picture is done, press 'Print' and approve the print by clicking on 'OK' or pressing enter.

You can also return to the selection of pictures by pressing “Choose new picture” and approving your selection with enter.

Coloring pictures with scanning function 

1. Press the spacebar so you can scan the color palette.

2. Press the spacebar, and the color you choose is automatically moved to a detail in the picture. You can change the area to color by pressing the spacebar again. When the color is in the place where you want it, press enter.

3. You can also return to the picture alternatives with the scanning function. Move to “Choose new picture” by pressing the spacebar, approve your selection with enter.