Follow the figure is an exercise in which different vehicles or animals move on the screen. The exercise can be used to practice understanding of causal relations, focusing vision and the use of eye movements.

The exercise can be performed with standard settings but you can also change the settings from the “Settings” button. With the standard settings the different vehicle or animal figures move on the screen when you click the mouse, or press the spacebar or enter or their corresponding switches. You can return to the start menu by pressing Esc.


The settings allow you to choose:

  • the figure and its size
  • the direction in which the figure moves
  • for the figure to start off with a chosen time delay
  • the background color of the figure and the screen
  • the speed at which the figure moves
  • to use background sounds



Print the pictures of the figures and make cards of them. You can use cards as supplementary material to exercises for practicing such skills as making choices and considering answer alternatives or to inspire conversation (e.g. what figure is moving on the screen? which figure would you like to see? etc.)