Description of the game environment

Planet X is a game environment where the games have been designed and realized in cooperation with young people with intellectual disabilities. The site has been designed especially for fun and entertainment, but the games are also suitable for teaching and rehabilitation. With them users can practice, for example, the use of the mouse and other computer skills. The Planet X games are well suited for all children and young people.

There are four different areas on the Planet X: farm, castle, airport and park.

In the Park all players signed in to the planet can make changes to their own player character. Options open up when you click on your player character.

On the Farm you can care for your own virtual pet and play the Feeding Time and Obstacle Jumping games. The games are opened by clicking on the barn door, feeding tubs or the forest.

In the Castle you can play the Troll Forest, Witch’s Cauldron and Castle Wall games. The games are opened by clicking on the forest, the witch’s cottage or the castle gate.

At the Airport you can play the Suitcase, Map and Baggage Tug games. The games are opened by clicking on the suitcase belt, travel agency counter or baggage tug.

Visiting and signing in to the planet

You can visit the planet and play all the games in the environment. You can also sign in to the planet by first creating your own player ID. By signing in you can, besides playing all the games, also change your player character, submit your record scores and keep your own virtual pet.

Moving around on the planet and in the games

Players move around on the planet and make selections by using the mouse. All the games are operated by clicking the mouse, but many of the games also include the option of "dragging" with the mouse, which is not separately mentioned in the instructions. A few of the games are operated with keystrokes.