Finnish Multisensory network - Multisenso

The Finnish Multisensory Network was formed in 2001. Multisenso is a very loosly organized network. There is no chairperson, no budget, no membership list or fees.

What we have is:

  1. Internet site at
  2. Facebook group 
  3. Annual network meeting

Multisenso pages at offer a platform for having contact information and links on Finnish companies, individuals or places to visit that have something to do with multisensory work.

There are links to ISNA-MSE pages and Nordic Snoezelen networks. There is also some general information on multisensory work and some hints on literature.

Annual Multisenso network meetings will be there as well as other important meetings or events that people need to be informed about like mutual Nordic Snoezelen meetings.

Annual national Multisenso network meetings

Since 2001 there has been a national network meeting almost every year. Lately over a hundred persons attend to meetings each year.  Meetings are free of costs. Presenters are not paid and participants don´t have to pay anything.

Presentations are short and cover wide range of things that are happening in Finland, like new multisensory environments, devices and materials, developed methods and presentations of regional activities. Meetings also help people make personal contacts and keep the network alive.

Multisensory work has spread on various fields in Finland. Along with the more typical work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities or elderly care also new fields have joined in like child welfare services and work with immigrants.

Look for Finnish contacts (page is in Finnish)


Sirkkola, M. (2010). Multisensory Environments in social care: Participation and empowerment in sociocultural multisensory work. HAMKin e-julkaisuja 9/2010. Hämeenlinna.